Atlanta Kids To Camp

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Learning Rock Climbing Skills at Camp

Camp life is core culture with Wilderness Works. Summer camp brings a needy child out of blighted urban settings into the deliverance of nature. With birds chirping, fresh air, a caring staff, exciting programming and companionship with fellow campers, summer camp is a time of regeneration and refuge. Most children do not want to leave!

Quality staff and programming are the watchwords at Camp Bob where everything is designed with a focus on the needs of disadvantaged children. Originally Camp Bob served children supported by the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. Today Wilderness Works children also join this contingent of excited children heading off to Camp Bob in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Summer camp at Camp Evergreen is perhaps the personal favorite for children in Wilderness Works. Atlanta's Northside United Methodist Church is known for a very strong presence in the mission field serving needy families in Atlanta. Northside sponsors weeks of camp at Camp Evergreen each year for disadvantaged children coming from Atlanta. This gorgeous and rustic camp sits lakeside at Lake Burton a mountain lake jewel in Northeast Georgia.

A favorite and wonderful summer camp experience on the Wilderness Works horizon is Camp Trinity. Camp Trinity is nestled in a pristine maritime forest on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Often, needy children in Atlanta have not seen the ocean. At Camp Trinity Wilderness Works children can enjoy excellent summer camp programming, swimming, sailing, seeing an incredible variety of sea flora and fauna and a spectacular beach and ocean.

Children in Wilderness Works earn access to summer camp. Motivated children gain required points in a point system by performing school time service projects, good attendance in school, participation in programming, and more. Going to camp is the fruition of a year of works. Few children ever miss the chance to go.

Camp Bob (Winter Break) and Camp Pinnacle (Spring Break) graciously allow off-season visits. These visits enable trips into nearby Pisgah National Forest.

Summer camp and transportation to camp are two of the largest costs in the Wilderness Works budget each year. Each Spring Wilderness Works conducts a summer camp funding campaign.