Bike Rally

City Camp

For Wilderness Works kids the most eagerly sought after activity next to summer camp is City Camp. During school time months Wilderness Works provides chaperoned overnight stays in comfortable, child-friendly girls and boys dormitory buildings originally built and occupied by the Immanuel Bible College.

City Camp occurs about three weekends in a month. Children look forward to Friday night for fun and reunion with friends and relief after a week of school. Friday night often includes activities ranging from arts and craft projects to field games to movie watching. The computer lab at City Camp is a popular place to linger as children work on projects, computer art, letters and games.

With Friday night most children eagerly await a dinner of pizza or other celebrated food. After a very active evening comes time for overnights in the dormitory spaces. Overnights are chaperoned by screened and trained volunteers. Children are expected to get to sleep by midnight and are usually late!

Saturday mornings are a time when a special group of volunteers arrive and as part of a program called the Breakfast Club. These terrific volunteers come in groups with donated groceries and donated time. Soon volunteers are serving pancakes and other hot items. For children that do not often enjoy a hot meal, these breakfasts are important.

Saturdays usually involve some kind of excursion or field trip. Bicycling is a popular choice. Frequently bowling, roller skating, or hiking at Stone Mountain is the order of the day. A variety of community partners sponsor more costly visits to area venues including the Atlanta Zoo or Georgia Aquarium.

Popular City Camp is an important component for Wilderness Works. City Camp promotes continuity while anticipating summer as it gathers and reunites children that need a healthy and safe haven for school weekends.