Kids Canoeing

Pedal and Paddle

For adventure, bicycling and boating are two beloved activities.

The "pedal" side of this program includes instruction on bicycle safety, hazard awareness, defensive riding, maintenance, helmet use, traffic flow, and rules of the road. Bicycling treks around Atlanta are much enjoyed. Safety and appropriate gear are always top priority. Donors provide new or gently used bicycles and related equipment and tools.

Canoeing is the "paddle" side of Pedal and Paddle. For younger children canoeing is limited to flat water ponds or controlled lake areas. Prior to recreational canoeing, kids are instructed in basic handling skills and safety practices. For children 12 and older river canoe trips are available. Wilderness Works is in need of gently used or new canoes.

Contact us to donate bicycles, canoes or other items ยป